Majestic on Season

Majestic is the long-hour collaborative works between Threewut Narumit and Tanapaksorn Vipavin, highschool and college classmates, created in the Summer of 2014 with their base in Bangkok, Thailand. Threewut has always been drawn to his passion of semi-precious accessories design and their mystical properties, while Tanapaksorn has her keen eyes on the minute details on quality that would significantly distinguish Majestic charm pieces. At Majestic every design uses only the organic and high quality metals and gemstones to represent Majestic brand. As proudly described the 'premium charm accessories', each bead and charm are handpicked and carefully observed for flaws before it comes to a finish item in your hand. The result is an upscale handmade jewelry wearable for both men and women, that is not just an item of luxury, but a mean to enhance the personal revelation of the wearer. We humbly invite you to explore the Majestic side of yourself!