Harmenstone on Season

Harmenstone sells handcrafted gemstone accessories, and dreams. It’s our belief that jewellery serves two functions; to look visually stunning and to empower the wearer. Taking inspiration from the naturally sourced gemstones that inhibit powerful and unique characteristics, the bracelets that make up our debut collection impart those characteristics to help the owner conquer life. In addition to looking great, we want our customers to feel great. To gain confidence from the piece of jewellery around their wrist or neck and chase the success they want – be it in business, culture or athletic pursuits. The bracelets are, accordingly, named to help the wearer relate to the stones and the unique properties (like patience, creativity and luck) that they inhibit Proudly Thailand owned and operated, we’re putting locals to work, promoting young designers to the world and earning the respect of consumers that have too often been let down by inferior workmanship. Where we do encounter issues with quality control, we rectify it immediately with a robust returns policy and service recover response. That includes a 14-day money back guarantee on defective and change of mind purchases. Harmenstone sells the idea of an adventure. We believe that through our accessories, which harbour the individual characteristics of the natural gemstones from which they are made, the wearer will be able to achieve incredible things. That’s where the company tagline comes from – “adventure a new you” – it means that jewellery can mean more than just a fashion statement. It can be a statement of intent.