SUITSUIT on Season

SUITSUIT® is a young organization, established in early 2008, with the goal of becoming one of the leading brands in innovative and fashionable luggage and travel accessories. By identifying tomorrows’ fashion and style trends and understanding travellers’ needs, we have infused innovation and new ideas into our range of luggage and travel accessories ever since. As luggage is increasingly becoming a fashion accessory with contemporary designs, trendy colour combinations, textures and clean contoured lines, women between the age of 25 and 49 are our primary target audience. Inquisitive, trend-aware, creative and globe-trotting consumers seeking original, contemporary and trendy travel accessories. People that want to stand out from the ordinary travellers! We sell our products through a variety of wholesale and retail distribution channels and through business gift wholesalers to companies. In 2013, approximately 70 percent of our net sales came from our wholesale and retail channel and approximately 30 percent came from our business gift channel. Since 2008 we have evolved into a global organization with its head office in Soest, the Netherlands and a second office opened in 2013 in Hangzhou, China. Currently we are selling in over 25 countries in more than 2500 retail outlets including world-famous department stores such as Selfridges & Co in the UK and Galeria Kaufhof in Germany. The fusion of luggage with fashion inspires us to constantly innovate in order to meet evolving lifestyles and trends. With our extensive design and production expertise and the continuing support from our retail partners and our strong consumer base we have no doubt that we will meet and even exceed these expectations.